After a scholarship to Gordonstoun, a degree from Sussex University and a short career in professional yachting - I qualified as a solicitor and practised in the City of London at Hobson Audley - then in Midtown at Lane & Partners before starting my own firm outside Brighton in Sussex UK.

Working out how to practice law efficiently using the technology of the mid 1990s lead me towards expertise in voice recognition and management information systems.

An old friend - now Lord Saville of Newdigate - suggested I should sell the professional firm management system I had created to run my new firm to others - which commenced a process which culminated in the establishment of Deskspace Limited and selling our first system to a medical practice in early 2000.

Since then I have developed and sold business management systems for lawyers and other professionals, pursued a Patent Application, obtained Trade Marks in the EU and USA and learned a great deal about how US Attorney's run their practices. I have developed fast and efficient mobile application frameworks and developed a fast mobile first responsive CMS system for the management of web sites.


Creating a fast and comparatively simple to use Web Content Management System.


Developing Contaminated Land Searches for the British Property Conveyancing system.


Getting great results for many clients by applying a rigorous assessment of what they actually want to achieve.

For example, see Geoff kewley's comments below.

What have I done?

Commercial Law in the City of London

Partner in two London Law Firms

Created a commercial Law Firm startup

Created a technology startup

Run a software development company

Developed a creative studio partnership

Professional photography


Professional mentoring & coaching

What are my skills?

Problem solving


Commercial & residential property

Information technology



Communication - written & verbal

What are people saying?

"Nick has an extremely insightful mind, he is able to cut to the chase and the key issues and to prioritise the various competing factors. He is a lateral thinker and often thinks of possible solutions or strategies that would not have occurred to most others.
He also has a very wide knowledge and range of experiences in a number of fields.
His background as a lawyer is very helpful as is his knowledge of the legalities and management side of business as well as an innate and intuitive understanding of the psychology of how people operate. He also has a very human touch and understands the “people qualities” and what motivates and is important to people."

Dr G. D. Kewley
Consultant Paeditrician and Physician

"I think what you have done is brilliant!"

Paul Janson AJP Computing Solutions, UK

"It is very cool. Congratulations on a fantastic job."

Kevin Frank the author of FileMaker Hacks, Pacific NW, USA

"VERY impressed by the speed of ‪Deskspace' website by ‪@nicklightbody - Never saw such a fast loading website."

Egbert Heinrich, Berlin - organiser of the dotFMP unConference in Berlin pixi ‏‪@dotfmp

Where can you find out more about me?

have a look at my various social media pages and/or give me a call on
+44 (0) 7973 518513






You can contact me on

Telephone during normal business hours (UK Time - that is +5 ECST or +8 PST on
+44 (0) 7973 518513


I am a UK citizen and a retired former English solicitor.

I have a Batchelor of Arts Honours Degree from the University of Sussex and am a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts etc (FRSA)