Business & Institutional Administration

My years in the legal profession, in business and latterly in education have prepared me for most eventualities.

I aim to get things done without fuss & bother.

English language based content

Editing existing and drafting new textual formal content - from a letter to a formal submission.

Web Publishing

I have been building web sites since my first on contaminated land in 1996 - and have my own set of tools for creating responsive sites quickly.

Mentoring and coaching

I have a good track record of putting folk on the right track - my experience in helping people to solve problems and resolve issues informs the assistance I can bring to anyone in any situation.

For example here is what Geoff Kewley says:

Dr Geoff Kewley
Consultant Paeditrician and Physician

"Nick has an extremely insightful mind, he is able to cut to the chase and the key issues and to prioritise the various competing factors. He is a lateral thinker and often thinks of possible solutions or strategies that would not have occurred to most others.
He also has a very wide knowledge and range of experiences in a number of fields.
His background as a lawyer is very helpful as is his knowledge of the legalities and management side of business as well as an innate and intuitive understanding of the psychology of how people operate. He also has a very human touch and understands the 'people qualities' and what motivates and is important to people."

Designing, building or consulting on FileMaker solutions

I am experienced in designing fast efficient FileMaker Solutions aimed at mobile devices.

My twenty years experience working designing and building FileMaker solutions and Apps helps me create better systems.

My focus is on the quality of the user experience.

I have pioneered the use of single table sparse design for FileMaker Apps.